A hackathon for the people, by the people. With countless possibilities and issues to tackle, the sky's the limit.

You can make a difference with these following tracks: 


Help develop solutions aiming to bridge societal gaps regarding social and cultural issues. Such solutions range from developing a mobile application that easily allows users to look up police officer’s badge number and precinct, to a web application that calculates the likelihood of incarceration.


Tackle both current and potential emerging issues related to our economy. Projects under this track should be centered to provide solutions to economic challenges that society is currently facing. Solutions that will better business, solve policy issues, and even household innovations that can alleviate the stress of COVID-19 are welcomed.


Promote and empower civic engagement with a focus on current issues in policy. These projects include any sort of technology that enhances the addressing of public concerns, protecting public values, or optimizes the process for citizens to make a difference and get their voices and opinions heard.


Focus on the intersection between technology and sustainability. Projects under the Environmental track should aim to provide a platform to help our world. Whether through curbing climate change or delivering a sustainable and affordable alternative to current technologies

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Participants: Individuals (high school students and above); Teams (up to 4 members). Continuation projects are allowed but are only eligible for certain prizes.

Countries: Anywhere


Submit your project with a video pitch through Devpost by the deadline (August 23). 

Hackathon Sponsors


$20,060 in prizes

Resources For All Attendees

- Google Cloud Credits (for eligible attendees)
- Voiceflow Professional License ($49/person)
- Wolfram|One 30-day Subscription ($25/person)
- Balsamiq Cloud 90-day Extended Trial
- Interview Cake 30-day Access Plan
- Bubble.io Premium Plan
- Access to Riff Analytics Video Conferencing
- 10% off Red Ink Review Standard Package
- Codescene.io Plan

All Winning Teams

- $1000 in Bubble.io credits
- One year subscription to Wolfram|One Personal Edition and Wolfram|Alpha Pro and an award letter from Wolfram
- An exclusive invitation to apply for the Hack for the People Seed Fund once it opens

Mini-Event and Tourney Prizes

Participate in our fun mini-events to compete for the following prizes:

- 4x HyperX Alloy Core RGB Membrane Keyboard
- 4x HyperX Cloud Stinger Core 7.1 Gaming Headset
- 4x HyperX Fury S Gaming XL Mouse Pad (Speed Edition)

Best Digital Privacy Hack (3)

Winners will receive office hours and mentorship from The IO Foundation, a nonprofit organization raising awareness on the importance of digital rights through implementing specific projects that help users to protect their data and metadata in their digital interactions.

Best Sociocultural Hack

$200 to the winning team.

Best Political Hack

$200 to the winning team.

Best Economic Hack

$200 to the winning team.

Best Environmental Hack

$200 to the winning team.

Best Data Visualization Hack

Winners will have their work featured in the Harvard Art Museum Lightbox Gallery, a venue for digital experimentation and a space for projects on new media and emerging technologies.

Best High School Hack

Each winner will receive one free standard college admissions essay revision from Red Ink Review, and an internship/job interview/mentorship opportunity from Ortexo.

Best Use of EchoAR

Winning team members will each receive a $50 Amazon gift card, access to 1 month of echoAR Business Tier, as well as a collective feature in the echoAR newsletter sent to investors in the AR/VR ecosystem.

Best Use of Google Cloud

Use any Google Cloud product! The winning team members will get a Google Cloud branded Patagonia backpack, water bottle, and trophy.

Best Use of Google Cloud - COVID-19 Hackathon Fund (2)

Select projects may receive an invitation to apply to the Google Cloud COVID-19 hackathon fund awarding up to $5,000 in cloud credits and guidance from Google developers.

Pale Blue Dot

Winners will receive automatic entry into Cohort 0 of CVT x dcypher's Research Fellowship Program, providing access to a mentor in their field of research alongside a stipend to work on meaningful, publishable research.

The winning team will also receive $125 in Bugsee Credits.

Hindsight 20/21

Winners will receive office hours with the metaLAB@Harvard, an idea foundry and knowledge-design lab under the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard College exploring the digital arts and humanities through research, teaching, publications, and exhibitions.

The winning team will also receive $125 in Bugsee Credits.

Re-Flatten the Curve

Winners will receive automatic entry into CVT, collective access to two years of Airtable Pro for a research or data visualization project of their choice, and the opportunity to host their own research project with exclusive mentorship and networking opportunities.

The winning team will also receive $125 in Bugsee Credits.

100 Seconds To Midnight

Winners will receive collective access to $1,000 in AWS Credits to be used towards a research or data visualization project of their choice.

The winning team will also receive $125 in Bugsee Credits.

Some Good News


The winning team will also receive $125 in Bugsee Credits.

The Sixth Extinction

Each winner will receive a Venus Fly Trap.

The winning team will also receive $125 in Bugsee Credits.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Jean Queralt

Jean Queralt
Founder of The IO Foundation

Alon Grinshspoon

Alon Grinshspoon
CEO of echoAR

Sarmed Rashid

Sarmed Rashid
Strategy and Special Projects at The White House

Justin L. Wang

Justin L. Wang
Machine Learning Researcher

Ayushi Sinha

Ayushi Sinha
Co-Founder of Prospect Student Ventures at Princeton

Mart Duitemeijer

Mart Duitemeijer
Attaché at the Netherlands Innovation Network in Boston

Justina Chua
Advisory Board President at CVT

Mingu Lee

Mingu Lee
Chief Business Officer, SVP at Samsung SDS America

Hana Gabrielle Bidon

Hana Gabrielle Bidon
Research Associate at Cornell Higher Education Review

Riju Khatri

Riju Khatri
SWE at BlackRock

Ivan Tadeu Ferreira Antunes Fllho
EECS Masters at MIT

Ryan Matsumoto

Ryan Matsumoto
Developer Advocate at Google

Andrea Wu

Andrea Wu
SWE at Google

Peggy Li

Peggy Li
SWE at Google


Judging Criteria

  • Practicality
  • Implementation
  • Design
  • Presentation
  • Creativity

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